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Writing an essay is an extremely useful activity for a student, as it obliges him to organize his own thoughts in order to present a personal point of view on a topic. Therefore, if you need to write essay about school or on any other topic – these tips will help you.

In the preparation of topics involved 5 stages.

The first stage is to understand the topic of the essay. You must understand what is required of you. Next, you also need to understand what questions you should answer in your essay. This can be done with the help of drawing up the scheme. To do this you need a pen, a piece of paper and your head. Come up with the most accurate questions about your essay. Think about what you need to tell in your essay and try asking the appropriate questions. The development of the theme requires planning. We need to understand the statement well, so we need to collect some useful material for the work, of course, to take care of correctly orienting our research in order not to make it too broad and unsuitable for use. That is why the next step will be collecting the necessary literature. You need to collect as many good books or articles about your essay as possible. This is necessary so that you can expand your knowledge on the topic you need.

If you have time before you start discussing the topic, it would be nice to bring along a notebook on which ideas will be noted, which gradually mature in our country on this issue. Valuable sources of information can be: biographies, encyclopedias, magazines, specialized periodicals, government reports, newspaper clippings.

However, one should not neglect less formal sources, first of all his own personal experience.

The information collected should be divided into necessary and useless information; Try to leave only what you need for the essay.

The next step is the preparation of a draft, followed by the actual development of the topic. It is possible, starting from the end, from a conclusion, which may well be a collection or a summary of the concepts presented. The first draft of the essay should not be considered final: corrections, new ideas, clarifications can be added later.

If you have such an opportunity, it will be useful to leave your essay for a few days so that you can evaluate it more objectively and make the necessary changes over time.

When writing a topic, it is preferable to adhere to the style of Raundri, inspired by clarity, linearity, conciseness; short sentences, everyday language.

Finally, the essay topic needs editing.

Appearance is not secondary; the finished work should look neat, and, above all, the writing should be clear. Even better, the essay will be printed using a word processing program on a computer.

You can also add a list of references and references to sources that you used when working on an essay.

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