How to write an essay on a poem


Success in the subject is an important prerogative of school success, even if there is confusion about how to write an essay correctly.

Few teachers can provide methodically sound assistance to students who are experiencing difficulties. Instead, it would be advisable for each teacher to teach students simple composition techniques. Creating a successful letter is the result of a long and difficult work that requires great effort, even for professional writers. Therefore, if you need to understand how to write an essay on a poem, try to follow these tips.

Any work should have its own plan of action, and such work as writing an essay should be even more so. The scheme of work on the essay may look as follows. First, you need to understand the topic. This stage takes less than five minutes. No pen or paper required. It is a pause question to understand the statement of the subject and the instructions of the teacher, to which clarifications may be requested.

Secondly, you need to make a plan for an essay.

To do this, you need to write a topic and come up with as many questions as possible. This may take twenty minutes. The next stage will also take about thirty minutes. This stage includes the collection of information, the organization of ideas and the definition of a thesis for support in writing. You must use a sheet to write on it. Ideas that were originally consolidated in an unorganized manner should then be collected and linked. In this regard, the method of associative clusters can be used. Then a map is created or, even better, a thematic ladder is prepared.

Writing a draft of the scheme will take about an hour and twenty minutes. It is about placing the text around the skeleton of the topic, which is the outline. In other words, each idea created in step 2 will be developed in each paragraph. There is no need to be too hard: while the topic is expanding, new ideas appear in the author’s mind, and the student has the right to develop them.

In order to make the composition as harmonious as possible, sentences and paragraphs should be linked to each other using so-called connecting particles: pronoun, repetition of a key word, some expressions such as: therefore, it follows that, for example, that is, but, on the contrary on the contrary, as soon as, later, when, in the same way, then, moreover, and, finally, for summarizing, etc.

Each topic also includes an introduction and conclusion, which the student will draw up accordingly. All these three parts should be in any essay. In the introduction, you write the title of the essay and a few sentences so that your reader becomes interested.

In the main part you need to write all about your research.

Be sure to include sources of information if you use quotes from other people’s books or articles. In conclusion, draw the conclusions of your research. And be sure to check the punctuation in your essay so that you don’t have any mistakes.

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